Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Pics

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alot of news!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted for forever!!! So I have a lot of news. Well... first I had a great Christmas, Ken got a Blackberry Curve, a robe and perfume, and I got new head phones and a Betty Motor Scooter and from Ken a bouncy ball maker to customise your own bouncy ball! Second, K.E. (my dance group) performed at the Harlem Globetrotters game, I was so scared I told my mom " I am seriously going to barf on stage and every ones gonna' slip and fall in it!" But I didn't, and a got to high-five all the Globetrotters. The next day, I really did barf, I got a stomach flu for two days. Third, we had a little flood incident in our bathroom. I kinda' left the bathwater running for about a half an hour...what, I forgot! And lastly my dad got stitches in his hand because he got a really bad deep cut at work with one of his tools and a revolving door... long story! And so far that is pretty much it!( My mom is way better about blogging then I am so most of these pics are on the family's blog.)

Friday, October 10, 2008


I just got a pet for my blog! I named her Samantha but I just call her Sammy! She is very friendly, so play with her anytime. when you click on her she will talk to you, click on her yarn ball and she will play with it. She is so CUTE!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I am sick of C.S.I! Kendree is addicted to it! We watch it all the time! When she lost her lipgloss and was convinced I took it she would say,
Kendree: Who took my lipgloss!
Me: I don't know but it wasn't me!
Kendree: Well I'll find it and do D.N.A!
Me: You don't know how!
Kendree: I can I've watched C.S.I!
Me: We don't have the right computer for D.N.A anyway.
Kendree: You can use any computer!
Me: Whatever Ken no you can't.
She is addicted! We are watching it this very second! She is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I really have a pretty boring life so I have nothing to blog about but I have been having alot of sleepovers!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Baby Jacked My Zours!!!

I went to go see a movie with a couple of friends. We sat in the very back row with our parents infront of us. We couldn't see any thing so we sat on the stairs. While I was eating my Zours a baby on the first row saw my Zours and started crawling up the stairs to the very top where we were and stuck his hand in the box pulled out a hand full of Zours and ate it! Then he took another hand full and down the stairs he went! Then I saw him start crawling back up so I handed the box of Zours to Sierrah went up to her and grabed a handfull of Zours then he went step by step down then stairs! I saw him crawl up the stairs agin and handed the Zours to Kiana so she put it behind her back, the baby got up to us and looked for it couldn't find it so he went to random people looking for food couldn't find any came back to us he found my drink quite interesting, when I relized he almost took a drink here comes mom runing to the resue and grabed him and went back down the stairs. Kiana handed me the Zours box so I looked inside and when there used to be at least 20 there were 9 left!!!
Okay, so last night Sierrah and I tryed out for a dance and gynastics team called K.E.(Kinetic Energy)! on Monday we had to learn a dance in one hour and we only had three days to practice with out the teacher that taught it to us then we had to perform to Angela the judge and owner of Angelas Flip Zone! It was insane! We were all so nervous but so exited at the same time! Angela posted the numbers of kids that made the team on Angela's Flip Zone's website at 9:00! So at 9:00 I went to the website and skimed threw I ended up finding Sierrahs number 57 and then... I FOUND MY NUMBER 69!!! I was so exited then the phone rang that very moment and it was SIERRAH!!! We were both amazed that their were 20 girls and we made the team! Now we could be in perades, basketball games, and perform at fairs! But on the down side now I have to go to gym Mon. and Thurs. two hours each!!!